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The Psi@Home project connects volunteers from around the world with researchers investigating psi – those familiar, yet furtive, experiences such as premonitions and synchronicities that defy scientific explanation to this day. Each experiment uses an application that allows people to participate from their home and at their convenience.

Central to the project is the notion of a cohort – a group of potential participants who researchers can contact. The cohort members share certain skills or life experiences that are specific to each experiment. Once an experiment is ready to begin, our team will reach out to a cohort with an invitation to participate. Experiments typically last 1 to 2 months, with an hour or two of engagement per month.

If you join a cohort, you can always decline the invitations. Being a cohort member simply means that you will be informed from time to time of experiments that might interest you, and that you can participate in if you wish.  

To learn more about joining cohorts, please see the links below. We hope you'll consider helping us. The experiments are easy and fun, and your participation helps us to broaden the horizons of mainstream science. Feel free to check back on occasion as we will be adding new cohorts in the future.

A cohort for experienced meditators.


A cohort for the general public and those with an interest in psi research.

A cohort for people who use psi in real-world situations. 

A cohort for artists, intuitive disciplines and the martial arts.

Not yet open

For a recent article on precognition research, including the Psi@Home Project see the magazine Inexploré (Sept. 2022, in French)

Psi@Home acknowledges the generous and timely coverage of the INREES Institute

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