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Joining the Psychic Arts Cohort ...

Thank-you for your interest in the Psychic Arts Cohort.

Before joining the cohort, we ask that you first try out a Psi@Home Demo. This step is to assure that you're comfortable with the interactive Psi@Home application – it's essentially a playful animated game – and to verify that your computer is compatible with the Psi@Home software. 

To get the Demo, we'll set up a Zoom appointment with you so a team member can help you with the installation. We'll explain how to run the application and answer any questions you may have. It takes about 20-30 minutes to do the install and discuss details.

You'll then have a week to try it out. We ask that you do a couple of sessions so that you have a good sense of what participating in a formal experiment entails. Each session takes about 20 minutes to complete. After the try-out period we'll get back to you to see if you have further questions and to ask if you'd like to join the cohort. If you decide to join the Psychic Arts Cohort, you can keep the Demo to practice on and play with. Whenever we start a formal experiment with your cohort, we'll contact you with an invitation to participate.

To schedule a Zoom meeting with us, please go to this calendar. We'll confirm the date with you by email.

If you need to ask a for a clarification or have a question, you can email us at .

If you'd like further details, click the link to learn more about how the experiment works.

We will confirm a Zoom appointment to install the Psi@Home Demo with you as soon as you choose an appointment time.

Thank-you. We look forward to hearing from you!


- The Psi@Home team

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