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The Open Cohort

Many people have occasional experiences that appear psi-like, such as premonitory dreams or inexplicably meaningful coincidences. Because these are generally rare and fleeting, they are difficult to study scientifically.

However, under the right conditions, we all have the possibility to attune to our innate abilities such as clairvoyance or precognition. The Psi@Home will study this possibility by collaborating with a cohort drawn from the general public, which we call the Open cohort. Our experimental hypothesis is that subtle psi effects can be demonstrated under the conditions of the Psi@Home protocol.

There are indications that mental disciplines such as mindfulness-awareness meditation may naturally increase psi abilities over time. The Psi@Home project look at this intriguing possibility by comparing psi effects produced by the Open cohort with those of a cohort of advanced meditators.

If the project interests you and you would like to join the Open cohort, we warmly invite you to fill out the form below. The Psi@Home team will then contact you with further details.

Please note: You will need an Apple computer running mac OS X to join this cohort.


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